3 07 2007

7:06 I need to get up.

7:08 I really need to get up.

7:10 (Ruthie babbling) Okay, I’ll get up.

7:15 In/Out of the shower.

7:18 Wash out coffee pot, pour Smart Start. Oh yeah, get Ruthie up.

7:22 Ruthie’s up. We’re watching Jack’s Music Show.

7:28 Shit! Shit shit shit! I’m now officially late. Really late. Like, no way in hell is Starbucks even a vague possibility.

7:30 I’m over my lateness. I dry my hair.

7:46 I am wearing a backpack. I am carrying Ruthie, the stroller, a monkey, and a carton of organic vanilla milk. I put all of the afore-mentioned items in the car.

7:48 Except the milk. (THUNK) Shit! Rain drops of milk spill down my windows.

7:53 Get out, get the milk.

7:56 Turn on Laurie Berkner. Listen to “Victor Vito,” “Bottlecaps,” and “Moon, moon, moon.”

7:57 Ruthie eats a Q-Tip and takes the straw out of her milk. She hands me the Q-Tip, the straw, and the carton of milk when I ask for them. She’s quite a gal this morning.

8:10 Cross the railrod tracks. “Nee-nee!!” yelps Ruthie.

8:12 Take Ruthie and the babydoll stroller into the house. There are some men working in the yard next door. They probably think I’m retarded for carrying in this stupid stroller.  They’re probably thinking, “Does she really think that baby will fir into that stroller. What an idiot.” Then I remember that it is ridiculous to assume other people’s thoughts. However, based on the looks on their faces, and in the tradition of Emma, I’ll assume my assumptions are correct. Whatever. Knock on the door.

8:15 Play with Ruthie at Angie’s and look for a moment to sneak out.

8:27 On the road again. I’m doing 65 in a 40. I have to be on campus in 3 minutes.

8:33 Discover that I am still listening to Laurie Berkner. Switch it to NPR.

8:36 Pass the stadium. Wow. That thing is only used for like 3 months out of the whole year and they could still afford to pay for it.

8:40 Yes! Someone else in the class is getting out of their car right now too. Sweet. I’m sweating.




2 responses

5 07 2007

Always assume all assumptions are correct. Always.

I’m hoping against hope that you were holding a real monkey.

5 07 2007

Indeed, I was holding a real monkey. Her name is Ruthie. She happens to have a stuffed monkey which I was also holding. They use sign language to communicate. *gasp* What must the neighbors think of us?! I assume that they think we are heathens, and I assume my assumption is correct.

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