If I Had a Brain

5 07 2007

I woke up this morning and found that my brain had fallen out of my head, rolled down the hall, swung to the left, and bumped softly against the tub. Luckily, I ran into it as I was stepping into the shower. I am now attempting to empty it onto the page of my computer screen with little to no success, as there is not much to empty. If you see me today and you give my forehead a sharp, “thwunk”-sounding thump, I am certain that only hollowness will resound. Perhaps a shrimp po’boy will restore some of my neocortex. We’ll see.




One response

5 07 2007

If not a shrimp po’boy maybe bagel chips will do the trick! I am glad to find your sound effects translating onto the page!

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