Snot, Dust, Mac-n-Cheez

13 09 2007


Yesterday, I took the day off to snuggle with Ruthie. She was conflicted with neon green snot and a significant (though not alarming) fever, so we sat around eating saltines and drinking Gatorade. I took her to Target to pick out a toy–she pointed to a Little People bus with flashing lights and whined, “Want it, want it, want it!” So I completed my shopping experience with the tune, “Stop and go, stop and go, watch my wheels stop and go, with a beep, beep, honk, honk, something, something, something” playing in the background.

When she finally went down for her nap, I cleaned all of those things you never clean–I washed the bedspread, scrubbed the floorboards, I even wiped out the fridge. I stopped when I started to dust the blinds because I didn’t want to get in a bad mood. Dust really pisses me off because it is such an unnecessary evil and it is disgusting. The idea of my own dead skin cells rolling around in the floor under the sofa, entertainment center, behind my nightstand, is appalling. I can’t imagine if I had pets. So I left the dust for another day.

The day culminated in the best batch of mac n’ cheese that I’ve made in a very long time. It was a truly sinful concoction which involved massive quantities of Gruyere cheese and aged white cheddar, some chardonnay, and a stick of butter. It had a delicate crust on top with a fluffy center. YUM-O, is what Rachel Ray would most certainly declare of this lusty dish. Unfortunately, Ruthie did not get to eat any of this meal because she was already asleep.




2 responses

16 09 2007
Lauren Hinsman

That is truly, a very attractive child. Note* This is coming from a person who does not care for children.

Please call me. It’s getting cold up here and the leaves are turning. I’m feeling like a long drive with loud music…

and you.

17 09 2007

Ruthie is so cute that I can actually hear my ovaries sighing and letting out a single, sad little tear.

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