26 09 2007

Currently, I am being held captive by my Foundations of Education professor who has decided to go off on a tangent about her penchant for speaking Turkish and her regrets at not having learned Japanese (though she argues that she should have become a linguist since she has Japanese books at her house). While this tangent is tangentially related to cultural diversity, it is boring and we are still 22 pages from finishing our discussion of the chapter. She is now telling us what she is going to ask us a questions about on the final exam, which is multiple choice. Now, I have some issues with multiple choice tests that have to do with the fact that they are stupid and I am in grad school. So instead of marking the information that she is prompting us to note, I am going to make (yet another) list of the exciting things that have happened to me this week:

1. I had eggplant parmesian last night, followed by tira misu

2. Last night, Ruthie thought it would be awesome to take off her diaper in the middle of the night and pee all over her crib, so I will need to finish washing her sheets whenever my professor decides to let us go.

3. Yesterday, I got to run errands and get ice cream with Ruthie and a friend, which made it way more fun (especially when Ruthie made up her mind that she had enough as we approached the fabric softeners, leading a loud and dramatic scene which I was proud to be the center of).

I have to stop with my list now because my professor is persecuting me for saying that race is a social construct. She’s now saying that she’s “comfortable with race.” It makes me physically sick to think about what they are paying this woman to be a full professor at Auburn University. She is now promoting the genetic model as a credible one. Jesus.




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27 09 2007

I know about little ones and dramatic scenes. Molly had a major meltdown in a mall in Dayton last Christmas vacation. She crawled down one hall and most of the way through a Macy’s, wailing in tears tha whole time, because no one would carry her and she had to walk to the car. My lovely wife was about ready to give her ample reason to be crying that loud. Added bonus: my mother was there to witness it. She wisely didn’t try to get between the contest of wills between my wife and daughter anymore than I did. At least it was in Ohio and not around home.

As for the class, just do what I did a lot of times: I’d focus on the nice pay bump a master’s would get me. It made all the bs easier to swallow.

Not long until Harvest Table!

27 09 2007

Thanks, Art. My gut tells me that Harvest Table is fast approaching. It’s always good to hear form you!

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