Sweet Dreams

28 10 2007


I took a nap this afternoon. I was tired and full of pizza, and when Ruthie passed out in the car on our way home from the airport, I thought that looked like a good idea. There is something about the depth of a toddler’s slumber that makes me mourn for my present wakefulness. And so I usually end up sleeping too. The sound of her breath always succeeds in lulling me to sleep despite my best intentions to “stay awake tonight” to “get things done.” This has led to my falling asleep before the wee hour of 8 o’clock most week nights. I have been sleeping better than ever and I am in a much, much better mood most of the time. I have not made much of an effort to curb my sleeping patterns since I came across this “Old Proverb” a few weeks ago that has been scrolling like a stock ticker across the bottom of my mind: “A good rest is half the work.” So maybe I’m getting more done than I think I am.






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