Neitzsche and NPR on Music

9 11 2007


The man who proclaimed that “God is dead” also made the claim that “Without music, life would be a mistake.” For me, music has marked some of the most significant times in my life.

My childhood is marked by music and most of my earliest memories about music come from my dad’s 1982 280Z. Other musical markers include: Steve Winwood, Earth, Wind, and Fire–these are the sounds of my parents entertaining their friends at dinner after we kids had “gone to bed.” George Winston is the sound of my dad reading the paper and preparing his lesson on Sunday morning. Hootie and the Blowfish was the first concert I went to when I was in the 8th grade–my dad took me. Dave Matthews is the artist that carried me through adolescence. Ani Difranco is the voice of my rebellion against my parents. Van Morrison reminds me of sweet times spent with my aunt and uncle in North Carolina. The soundtrack of my courtship with my husband is comprised of selections by Doc Watson, Ben Harper, Greg Brown. The Dixie Chicks will mark my first years with my daughter, who could listen to “Easy Silence” 100 times if I could bear it.

Thankfully, NPR has developed a website which help us to broaden the soundtracks of our lives. I highly recommend that you check out NPR Music. They have interviews, sound clips, and live performances of many diverse musical talents. (I suggest you look up the group Grizzly Bear… they just had a new album released and, in my humble opinion, it’s breath-taking .) Happy listening.



One response

20 11 2007

Thanks for the heads up on NPR Music. I have started podcasting NPR’s new news show, The Bryant Park Project. And it was so cool to walk by Bryant park every day I was in New York.

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