Super Mom

9 12 2007


It is 9:15 am and I am eating my second p.b.&j. of the morning. There comes a point of strung-out-on-caffeine coupled with sleep deprivation that creates a hole in my stomach which all food disappears into, leaving me hungry and cranky.

Adam just took Ruthie for a jog–that is, he’s jogging and she’s in the stroller. As they pulled out she called, “Save me, Momma! Save me!” It’s nice to think that I’m a bit of a super hero like that. My super powers include: saving Ruthie from evil beings like her father when he tries to tickle her or chase her (after she’s asked him to); producing m&m’s on command, any time any place; rescuing her from her crib when she calls my name in the middle of the night (she’s got to give me a good 5 minutes of screaming before I’ll change into my Super Mommy outfit at 4 in the morning as I did last night); paying for things (she starts chanting “pay for it?” as soon as we begin to venture down the candy isle); changing diapers at the speed of light; accomplishing any task (no matter how personal or how many hands are actually required) with her on my hip. Oh, and I make a mean mac-n-cheese. Okay, so if my super powers could convert into writing/scholarly super powers, I’d be in good shape.




One response

13 04 2008

You are superwoman, or wonder woman should i say! Any woman that becomes a mother is the latter… welldone mom!

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