No Child Left Behind?

31 01 2008

As this legislation goes up for renewal, politicians are heating up on both sides of the fence. What really kills me is the blame that is placed on teachers and schools for the status of our educational system today. There is a desperate desire to improve education, but this act is unfortunately headed by people who have not been in the classroom long enough or with enough wits about them to see that this legislation is RIDICULOUS! I’m thinking that the Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, may have been left behind during her own academic career. The notion of equality as sameness that is perpetuated by NCLB stems from the same branch of thinking that has brought us the educational assembly line that is the public (state-funded) educational system. Everyone, no matter what their social background, their talents, their interests, their beliefs, is expected to perform in the same way under the same circumstances as if that would be any where near an adequate (or accurate) measure of a person’s intelligence.

This report from NPR sheds some light on the discussion surrounding the law and the actual progress that has been made in education since its implementation. We should all be educated about this legislation because we are all directly effected by it. Here’s the link to the piece entitled, ‘No Child’ Law Picked Apart as Renewal Fight Looms. It aired yesterday on Morning Edition.



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