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7 11 2008

Whit, my dear friend, I love the way your voice shines through in your blog. I can hear the rise and fall of your pitch and the breathlessness with which certain parts were written. It is a treasure to know you and to read your writing. I always look forward to your posts.

Happy writing!

8 11 2008

Never, never, never could you shame me, dearest Whitney.

Please remind me to tell you the story about The Clicker from my first faculty meeting. Please also remind me to tell you this story: one time, My Idol and Hero Forever, Diann Blakely, The Goddess Who Rules All Goddesses, read one of my poems, looked at me, and said very frankly, “Well. It’s a lot of pretty images, but it doesn’t really SAY anything.” It was the best thing that anyone has ever said to me, and a turning point in my writing, my writing life, and my life.

5 12 2008

Art, as always, thank you. And happy writing to you this holiday season (since it always takes me at least a month to get back to my blog after I post anything.)

5 12 2008

Easy-E: Do pretty images really have to *say* anything? I mean, have we not all learned from Disney classics that pretty images don’t have voices? It would seem as though your critic should have lauded your voiceless images of beauty (and fashion)… What a bother it is when pretty images say things!

6 08 2010
Since I Gave Up Hope, I Feel Much Better | public like a frog

[…] Goodman, whom I wrote about here in my old blog, was very kind and very dear when I rung him up at 9am this morning to talk about […]

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