about me

I’ve lived in the South my whole life: first in Tennessee and now in Alabama. I’m a divorced, single mother of Ruthie, who was born in the same year that I started this blog. I teach 9th grade English at a public school at the end of the street I live on. I’m generally conflicted, sometimes hopeful, and usually late. I write when I can, which is never as much as I’d like. In recent years, I’ve abandoned my earlier dreams of one day becoming famous so that I may pursue a much loftier ambition to be an unglorified regular person.

about my blog

I began this blog in 2006. It is a spotted, glitchy, erratic account of my life as a mother, teacher, student, human. Blogs afford us the opportunity to become, as Emily Dickinson put it, “public like a frog,” and this little bit of cyberspace has kept me coming back to writing over and over again. My humble little audience (of mostly close friends and random google-searchers who happen to stumble across me) has kindly encouraged me to continue writing and so I do. Thanks for reading.

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20 01 2008

Whitney-I am Camille’s sister…she sent me the link to your blog because she thought I would find it interesting. (I taught middle school for 8 years in CA and am currently subbing in a middle school in Collierville, so I can relate to so much you write about!) Wow! What a tremendous talent you have! I am going to bookmark you now and keep coming back. It will probably be a much better use of my online time than reading pop culture news on Yahoo…

6 03 2008
R Briggs

So, I haven’t seen you in many years- but I come to your blog often. It’s a good read, and reminds me of your endearing sass. Ha.

Hope you are well, old pal.

31 07 2008

I’m liking your blog.

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