Short on money but long on time

28 01 2008

I spent this past weekend on the couch. I watched two movies while Ruthie napped on Saturday and Sunday: The Painted Veil and Waitress. Both very good, very different films. Ultimately, The Painted Veil is about forgiveness and cholera. Ed Norton and Naomi Watts are unbelievable in this gorgeous film that made me weep one of those good weeps that reminds you of your humanity. Waitress is about the strength that we draw from our children––the surprising, bewildering, nonsensical strength that comes from looking into the face of a new life that came from you. It’s also about the hilarity of misery and the absurdity of life. You will laugh in spite of yourself. And you will start thinking in terms of pie.

I forget how nice it is to let the laundry sit, to ignore the dishes, to pretend like I don’t have a job on Monday and relax.